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Punjab Social Security Health Management Company (PSSHMC) Jobs

Job notification for the post of Health Manager at Punjab Social Security (PSSHMC) Hospital has been issued. Apply now and get the job of your dreams! The Company is one of the leading government organizations in the country and is always looking for the right candidates for its openings. They are looking for qualified candidates with good experience to join their team. The notification for this post is valid till the date of 30th June 2018. Further, you will be able to apply online only after the recruitment process is over.

The PSSHMC is looking for medical professionals for various posts, including anesthetist, ENT specialist, pathologist, eye specialist, and general surgeon. If you are interested in a career in the government sector, apply now. This government job is based at Muzaffargarh and Rewind. The contract duration will depend on your performance. The salary and working conditions are attractive. You will be required to work for a reputed organization that is well known for their quality of services.

PSSHMC has announced government jobs for nurses, doctors, and technicians. The organization has various positions for different specialties, including Medical Specialist, Anesthetist, and ENT specialist. Other jobs available at PSSHMC include Eye Specialist, Pathologist, and General Surgeon. You can apply online for these jobs if you are eligible. You will be called for an interview after the selection process has been completed. This will give you the chance to showcase your skills and work with a highly respected organization in the province.

Interested candidates can apply online for various positions at PSSHMC. The positions include Medical Specialist, Anesthetist, ENT Specialist, Pathologist, and Optician. The location of these positions is in Muzaffargarh and Rewind. However, the duration of these government jobs depends on the applicants’ performance and skills. The application form is open to all, and you can apply for the one that suits you best.

The PSSHMC is looking for medical specialists to work in their hospitals. It is a government organization in the province, and you should be eligible to apply for these positions if you meet the qualifications. You can apply for the positions at head office in Lahore or at Rewind. The recruitment process will last until the end of August. You should apply only if you are eligible for the posts. You will be called for an interview if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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