how to project mobile screen on wall without projector

How to project mobile screen on wall without projector – Ultimate Guide 2022

how to project mobile screen on wall without projector
how to project mobile screen on wall without projector

Projectors are expensive, bulky devices that require power cords and other accessories. They also take up a lot of space, which makes them impractical for smaller rooms. The good news is that you can easily project your mobile device onto a wall using nothing more than a smartphone and some reflective tape.

You can use your smartphone to create a mirror effect that projects the image from your phone onto a wall. This method requires no additional equipment and is simple to implement. All you need is a smartphone, a piece of reflective tape, external speakers (for sound), and a surface to place the phone on to project an image on the wall without a projector.

Things you will need to project mobile screen on the wall without projector

The first thing you will need is a projector. This device projects images onto any surface. It is used to display movies, presentations, photos, etc. You can find them at most electronics stores.

How to project mobile screen on the wall without a projector?

The easiest way to project a mobile device onto a wall is by using a mirror or magnifying glass. This method works well if you want to display the phone’s screen on a flat surface like a tabletop or countertop. If you want to project the image onto a vertical surface, like a wall, then you’ll need to find another solution.

Black paint inside the shoe box walls or black paper (Black Matte Paper)

The black paper (Black Matte Paper) or black box is painted using acrylic paint. It was made by cutting out the shape from cardboard and then painting it. 

Smartphone Settings

If you want to project your phone’s display onto a surface, you’ll need to set it up correctly. The first step is to ensure your device has the right settings. Check out our guide to find out what those are. Then, plug your phone into a power outlet and connect it to a USB cable so you can charge it. Finally, turn off any wireless networks you may have connected to your phone.

Where should I place my DIY projector for Projection?

The best location depends on what type of projection you want to achieve. If you just want to project a small image onto a wall, then you may not need anything fancy. A simple mirror will suffice. But if you want to project a large image onto a wall, you’ll need something bigger.

Why should I lock my smartphone rotation?

If your phone has a gyroscope, it will rotate itself automatically if you don’t lock it. The problem is that this feature can cause problems if you’re using apps that rely on the orientation sensor (such as Google Maps) because they won’t know which way the device is facing. It’s not just annoying though; it could also lead to accidental damage to your phone.

Why is my homemade projector blurry?

The main problem with homemade projectors is that they don’t produce high image quality. As a result, they’re usually not suitable for public display. If you want to show movies or presentations at parties or events, then you should consider buying a professional projector instead.

How do you make a homemade projector clearer?

The best way to project a mobile phone screen onto a wall is with a mirror. This will allow you to see the image clearly from any angle. If you don’t want to spend money on this, then you can try using a piece of cardboard or paper instead. Simply place it behind the screen so that it reflects the image back at you.


The conclusion of this article will give you a clear idea about what kind of things you should keep in mind before buying a projector. It will also provide some useful tips which will help you to choose the best projector for your home theater system.


Why the sound produced is not clear?

The reason why the sound is not clear is that there is no microphone built in the projector.

What programs can I use to set up my phone as a projector?

There are programs that you can install on your phone to make it act as a projector. These include Multipresenter, Clickshare, Epson iProjection, and Panasonic wireless projector.

Can I connect my Android phone to a projector?

All Android devices come with either micro USB or USB-c options. With the right cable, you can connect your android device to a projector that uses an HDMI port. Another supported standard is MHL, which also connects via HDMI ports.

Can we project the laptop screen on the wall without projector?

Yes, you can project the laptop screen on the wall without projector.

How to Project Laptop Screen to a Wall Without Projector?

You can still watch movies using your laptop screen by projecting it onto a white surface. Make sure you have enough light around the room. This method requires a lot of patience since you need to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

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