Pakistan navy jobs | PAK Navy Jobs 2022 by Pakistan Navy (Apply Online)

Recruitment of sailors at the Pakistan Navy is done twice a year, once in January and once in April.

Pakistan navy jobs 2022 | PAK Navy Jobs 2022 by Pakistan Navy (Apply Online) Free

Each recruitment period has a different pattern, as each month brings with it other challenges and opportunities.

1st Batch joined PNS HIMALAYA within the first week of April, and 2nd Batching joined PNS IRAQ within the second week of April this year.

The Pakistan navy is one of the oldest navy services still around and today very much alive. They have over 22 vessels, including a helicopter carrier and a nuclear attack submarine, a frigate, a tanker, and an oil platform.

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Once the recruitment process is complete, each sailor is sent onshore to enhance their skills and prepare for their sea journey. Training is like a house on fire, and once the sailor puts his life at stake, it’s tough to get him back out.

Once the sailor has reached his destination, he will undergo further training for jobs available when he gets back. Three branches are in charge of recruitment; the head office, the junior grade (i.e., cadet), and the non-commissioned officers.

The qualifications of a person who wishes to get a job as a sailor are determined by completing a navy recruitment test. There are seven levels in each recruitment class.

The test consists of two parts. Firstly, a thorough written examination and an investigation were conducted d under the supervision of a commissioned officer who will score the test based on his knowledge and ability rather than on his characteristics or even on his looks.

The test scores are submitted along with a list of documents to prove the identity and age of the candidates. At this stage, the candidates who have passed the test will receive a naval job offer.

The remaining Navy recruitment class consists of those who did not give the initial recruitment batch. These individuals can apply for jobs in any of the remaining six collections.

After receiving the naval jobs, candidates need to submit their naval certificates to the Head Office to obtain a certificate of appointment.

They also have to undergo a detailed written test in which they have to present their best abilities and skills.

After this stage, all those who did not receive a naval job offer can reapply after clarifying the written test.

After this stage, all the qualified candidates are invited to appear in a general knowledge test, which is also conducted under the supervision of a commissioned officer.

To be considered for any of the jobs offered by the Pakistan navy, you have to be sure that you possess all the required qualifications.

For this, you should access the database of the latest government jobs, which is maintained by a dedicated team.

Once you access the database, you should carry out thorough research of all the jobs that match your profile, and after you clear the test, you will receive a list of employment and an application form to complete.

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