How to clean a projector lens inside and out

How to clean a projector inside lens- Amazing Guide 2022

How to clean a projector inside lens
clean the projector lens

All of us are aware that projector lenses are susceptible to dirt and dust accumulation. It is a serious issue for projectors since they can become damaged quickly and reduce the images quality and video quality.

A few decades ago, projectors were primarily used in terms of educational and corporate presentations. These days, we are increasingly seeing them used for home theater, movies, and even for professional presentations where there is a need for bright images of high quality. But little did we know that dust accumulation can also be a problem for our projectors. A projector lens cleaner can help keep these expensive, high-quality products looking as good as new.

How to clean a projector inside lens?

Introducing some new projector cleaning methods can help you improve the environment around your projector, and also help you to clean a projector Inside lens without heavily damaging it.

If you are a projector owner, you may have noticed that your projector’s screen has dried out and become unusable. You need to make sure that the particles of dust and other contaminants are being removed from the surface of your projector. It may even be possible for you to purchase an air purifier for your projector but this is not necessary. When you clean your projectors regularly, it is not a huge job.

To make your projector look pristine, you need to keep it clean. In this article, we will give some tips on how you can clean your projector.

Why do we need to clean a projector Inside lens?

We can use a projector to show slides on a screen. But the lens of the projector is dirty and needs cleaning. We should clean it before we use it for the first time.

A projector is a device for projecting images. It uses the light from a projector to create an image. It does not emit any light of its own as a computer screen does. There are many types of projectors: LED, LCD, and plasma. A common form of projection is the “lighthouse” style projector. A screen that illuminates the image with a soft light.

Ways to Clean a Projector Inside Lens

The best way to clean the projector lens is to use a microfiber cloth or a dry cotton cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure you don’t get the lens wet.

It is very important to clean the projector lens regularly, as doing so will help you avoid problems such as blurry images and streaking. It is recommended that you clean the outside of the lens every few months and the inside once per year.

What is Dry Lubricant?

Dry lubricant is a liquid or gel that is applied to the wiper blades. This liquid or gel is applied to the wiper blade to prevent freezing, snow, and ice from sticking to the blade.

Dry lube typically comes in a spray can, which allows it to be applied quickly and easily. The liquid or gel is sprayed onto both sides of the rubber blade, then wiped off with a cloth. Spray cans are also useful for applying dry lube in hard-to-reach places like under bumpers and fenders.

Reference: What is dry Lubricant?

Method 1: How to Clean a Projector Inside Lens With Dry Lubricant?

  1. Clean the outside of the projector with a soft, damp cloth or moistened cloth.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of dry lubricant on the lens.
  3. Rub it in with your finger to cover the entire lens surface.
  4. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rub it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Method 2: How to Clean Your Projector with a Simple Toolbox Kit

The lens cleaner is a very useful tool for cleaning your projector lens. This is a small and easy-to-use kit that can be used to clean your projector lens.

The lens cleaner can help you perform a multitude of tasks. It is a very useful tool that can perform all these tasks flawlessly and clean your projector lens to increase the lifetime of your projector by more than 50%.

The lens cleaner has been designed to automatically clean the projector lens. The lens cleaner helps you perform a multitude of tasks such as cleaning your projector lenses, cleaning the dust and debris from an LCD screen, improving the contrast and brightness of your projector.

Which tools need to clean a projector Inside lens?

1. Basic Toolkit
2. Manual (Guide)
3. Compressed Air
4. Piece of Microfiber Cloth
5. Tissue Paper
6. Lens Cleaner or Household cleaner
7. A Complete Solution Guide

Method 3: How to Clean a Projector Inside Lens Like a Pro?

The above tools will help you to clean a projector inside lens. But, if you are seriously interested, you can clean it by yourself. We have some best tips and tricks that should be adopted to make your projector lens clean and clear for your next presentation or home theater. Please follow the cleaning process below…

Step 1: Turn Your Projector Off

If your Projector is in use recently, turn it off and wait for a few hours to cool it down. After that, unplug the power cord from the projector. If it is fixed on the wall or with the roof ceiling, unplug from there.

Step 2: Open The Projector as per (Manual)

Opened Projector

Open the Projector as per manual. Different projectors have different ways to open projectors. Some of them have a push button to open them and some others have been assembled with screws. Follow the instructions in the manual for a better solution.

Step 3: Clean the Inside Of The Projector

Clean the inside of the projector carefully. The projector is a sensitive device and it may have some critical parts, which can be damaged due to negligence. 

Step 4: Make Sure to Remove All The Dust from Inside

It’s necessary to clear dust from the inside with compressed air or with a manual lens Blower. Make sure the inner side is free from dust.

Read this to make your projector picture clear.

Step 5: Clean the Environment

Cleanliness of the environment is an addition to make it better maintenance of projector lens cleaning.

Step 6: Clean The Lens

Clean the lens carefully. Because it’s the most sensitive part of the projector and can be scratched or damaged during cleaning. Make sure to have the above-mentioned material before initiating this maintenance.

Step 7: Close The Projector (Manual)

Wow…..You have done the process, and your lens is clean and clear. Now, you can close the projector accordingly (Follow the Manual) and re-install it again. 


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Why should we maintain and take care of the projector lens?

Projectors are used in many different industries and settings. They can be used in classrooms, offices, and conference rooms.

The projector lens is crucial to the projection process. If the lens is dirty, it will cause a blurry image on the screen and may even lead to a malfunction of the projector. This is why we should maintain and take care of the projector lens.

The best way to clean a projector Inside lens is to use compressed air or an air duster spray that has been diluted with water.

What are the best practices for maintaining and taking care of the projector lens?

The projector lens is the most sensitive component of the projector. If it is not cleaned or maintained properly, it can get scratched and damaged easily.

A projector’s lens can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth. It should be gently wiped in a circular motion to remove dust and dirt that has accumulated on its surface. Do not use any liquid or chemical cleaners on the lens as they may damage it.

How can a dusty lens be prevented?

The precautions may vary according to your environment. If you belong to a dusty environment, like a village. You have to take care of the home exterior and follow the instructions below:

Keep Clean Your Office or Home Clean:

The maintenance of your home’s cleanliness is the most important thing to prevent a dirty lens. Because the projector takes dust from the environment. As much as your environment will be cleaned, the projector will be safe and long-lasting.

Use a Cover For It:

Clean a Projector lens

After the cleaning of your home’s room or office, you should use a proper cover for the projector. You can uncover it by using it and after that, you can cover it up again to prevent dust. It will be a great thing to do.

Keep The Fan Clean:

One of the best parts of the projector is Fan. A fan in a projector or any other electronic device cools down the whole device or main part of that device. But unfortunately, when the fan takes the air in, the dust comes inside the projector automatically. By keeping the fan clean you can prevent the dusty lens.

Use Air Purifier:

Clean a Projector lens
Air Purifier

The fan of the projector exchanges the air from the environment. If the environment is dusty or dirty, the projector will be dusty as much as your environment is dusty. To prevent it, always use the air purifier. It purifies the air from dust, which is also great prevention.

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