How to Add Featured Posts in WordPress Sidebar

They are adding a Featured Posts Box in the WordPress sidebar. Sidebars are typically the non-content portion of a website’s web page.

How to Add Featured Posts in WordPress Sidebar

Most people use this space to add a newsletter signup box, social network buttons, and displaying various banners or advertising text.

Another fair use for the sidebar is to display your most popular posts as featured posts. To do this, add a post widget to the sidebar.

If you’re not familiar with how devices work, they are straightforward PHP codes embedded directly within a web page. These widgets allow visitors to search for and select specific content, such as a blog post, within a sidebar.

You can even embed code within a blog post that allows the blog to have a sidebar that displays the most popular posts on the list. It is effortless to add a widget to the WordPress sidebar.

However, sidebar widgets can also be annoying, especially if you have a lot of content. If your sidebar has many devices on it, you will not only have a cluttered sidebar, but you’ll also run the risk of annoying your visitors.

If you choose to use sidebar widgets, be sure to put them in categories that will make them easier to find. This prevents visitors from searching through all the posts and only seeing your most popular ones.

To keep your sidebar organized, consider using the ”icon on your sidebar to quickly jump between pages within your sidebar.
The sidebar searches feature to locate any other information you want to display. For example, you may want to show your latest blog posts or RSS feeds.

You may also want to customize the look of your sidebar. For example, you may wish to add a toolbar, buttons, or background image to the sidebar.

When you have the sidebar optimized adequately, it’s easy to add new blog posts in WordPress without going through the hassle of creating another sidebar. So, how do you add featured posts in the WP sidebar?

Several WordPress plugins can be used to add new sidebar widgets or even customize your sidebar. However, some plugins can be difficult to install, especially if you don’t know anything about installing plugins.

If you aren’t an expert when it comes to using WordPress, you may want to use one of the many plugins that offer step-by-step instructions for getting started with adding sidebar widgets. One of the easiest is WP Easy Widgets.

When you’re ready to start creating and customizing your sidebar,

it’s a good idea to take some time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and then decide which widgets you want to use. You will also want to make sure to get help from someone who has more experience with creating sidebar widgets.

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